Archival Framing as shown starting $250 each (customization possible with added cost), $100 off each for cels purchased from us!  Please read the details below and inquire at to get started!

We understand that many collectors would like to proudly display their cels in a frame, so that they can always be seen and appreciated.  But framing can be expensive as well as risky, especially if the person taking on the task is not familiar with animation cels.  Does it use UV-protective glass?  Are the backings and matboards acid and lignin-free?  Are the cels held in place with tapes or staples, or with tension?  Are the cels properly separated and easy to ventilate, or do the cels need to be taken out of the frame once in a while to be aired out?  

These are all questions a cel collector must ask the framer every time before trusting them with your prized possession.  However, these costs can add up quickly and some framers flat-out cannot handle the job.  To make the matters worse, some vendors even take advantage of the troubled collectors with misleading marketing and predatory pricing when it comes to archivally framing the cels. 

In response, we would like to offer a simpler solution at a reasonable cost; starting at $250 plus shipping each ($200 each for cels purchased from TCG) for standard size cels, we will frame your cel in an archival frame with 99% UV-protective glass, acid/lignin-free double matboards and backing, and real wooden material, as shown in these pictures of the key master setup from Matsumoto Leiji's Queen Millenia (3 layers of cel and a background) we framed as an example.  More importantly, all of the cel layers will be totally separated with plenty of room in between (which gives a really cool 3D effect especially with a background), and the cels can be ventilated without even taking them out from the frame. 

Please note that the most important thing in storing the cels properly is not the packaging, but the environment.  Even under UV glass, trace lines may still fade if placed under strong or direct sunlight frequently, and low humidity as well as stable room temperature are crucial to maintaining the condition of the cel.  Archival framing alone does not ensure longevity, but contrary, cels can be framed and appreciated in open if done properly with care.  Just see how amazing your favorite characters and scenes can look while ensuring longevity of the artwork!