Identify & Earn Program

We always try to identify the exact moment the cel has been used in the production of the anime/cartoon.  This not only makes the cel much more satisfying and enjoyable to own, it will serve as an authentication of that particular cel and a proof that it inevitably was a part of the creation we all love, and significantly raises the value.  

With that said, sometimes we come across cels that even we just are not able to identify the source.   For those unidentified cels, we would like to offer our customers and a fellow anime-lover a chance to score a great deal, or earn some credits to use towards purchasing a cel, simply by watching the shows you love or knowing about it!  Even better, identify many cels and earn enough to score a cel or two for completely free!

If you know the exact location of any cels displayed on our website and described as "not yet identified," please send us an email at with the episode number/title, screenshot, and the approximate time stamp, and we will offer you either 15% off the price of that particular cel you have identified, or 5% of the price as a store credit, that will never expire and can be accumulated and applied towards a larger purchase in the future! 

For example, if you successfully identify a cel priced at $1000, you will have a choice to either earn $50 in store credit, or an opportunity to purchase that cel for only $850!  Only the first person to identify the cel will be entitled to receive the reward, so please always check the status of the cel in the product description before inquiring.

We would like these precious pieces of original animation art to be owned and appreciated by true collectors, and this is something we started to get these cels to the people who truly love them.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this program!

※Please note that the store credits earned from this program can be used toward a purchase of cels only, not any other type of items offered on the website