Sailor Moon - Thunderstruck Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars - 3-layer Pan-size Production Cel w/ Print Background

Takeuchi Naoko

Size: Pan-size cel (approx. 17.5" x 10.5")

Included: Layer 1 - Sailor Moon Mouth cel
                 Layer 2 - Sailor Moon cel
                 Layer 3 - Sailor Mars cel
                 Printed Acid-free background made by TCG

Film/Show: Sailor Moon S 

Source/Appeared in: Episode 14 "The Arrival of a Tiny Pretty Guardian"

Original Broadcast Year: 1993

Studio/Publication: Nakayoshi

Created by: Takeuchi Naoko

Condition Notes: -

Description:  A fantastic pan-size (wider than normal) cel of Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars with very humorous and whimsical expressions, when Sailor Chibi Moon appeared in front of them!  Included is a print background that makes the whole setup look identical to the original scene!  Also used in the introduction scene in addition to the actual scene. 

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