One Million Year Trip: Bandar Book - Black Jack - 1-layer Production Cel w/ Fan Correspondence signed by Tezuka Osamu

Tezuka Osamu

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Size: Standard Size Cel (Approx. 10.5" x 9.5" or 26.5 cm x 24.5cm)

Included: Layer 1 - Black Jack Cel
                 Signed Fan Correspondence Letter
                 Tezuka Fan Club Materials from 1976

Film/Show: One Million-year Trip: Bandar Book 

Source/Appeared in: Please see the attached screenshot

Original Broadcast Year: 1978

Studio/Publication: Tezuka Productions

Created by: Tezuka Osamu (手塚治虫)

Condition Notes: -

Description:  A very very rare production cel of the iconic character Black Jack that was made under the supervision of Tezuka Osamu, from a movie directed by Tezuka himself and drawn in the same style as the manga, unlike the later OVA. To make it even better, this cel is accompanied by a fan correspondence hand-signed by Tezuka Osamu and notifies the recipient of being "gifted one of the 200 original production cel of Black Jack that was used in the movie."  We absolutely guarantee the authenticity of the letter and the signature. 

Included are the fan club materials and original envelope the cel and the signed correspondence letter were sent from Tezuka Production (as part of the provenance) to the lucky previous owner who sent in an application over 50 years ago and won the prize!  The signed correspondence letter is not addressed and the backside is left completely unfilled, as it was included in the envelope that is addressed to the winner.  The writing on the backside of the envelope translates to "Tezuka-sensei's Bandar Book's Anime Cel"

Additionally, signed correspondence letters identical to this one have sold in Mandarake and other auctions in the past, but one like this that was not addressed to a particular fan remains very rare (Tezuka signed many of these beforehand and the studio just sent them out to the winners)!

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