Mobile Suit Gundam Wing - Epyon about to annihilate Virgo's - Pan-size Key Master Setup

Tomino Yoshiyuki

Size: Pan-size cel (Approx. 12.0" x 9.5" )

Included: Layer 1 - Virgo's cel
                 Layer 2 - Epyon cel
                 Matching Original Hand-painted Background

Film/Show: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Source/Appeared in:  Episode 37 "Zero vs Epyon"

Original Broadcast Year: 1995

Studio/Publication: Sunrise

Created by:  Tomino Yoshiyuki

Condition Notes: Layer 1-2 stuck 

Description:  A very picturesque and rare key master setup of Gundam Epyon descending down with its giant beam sword to annihilate the Virgo's below!

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