Mobile Fighter G Gundam - Gundam Spiegel holding Rain and Chibodee Gals - Pan-size Key Master Setup w/ Concept

Imagawa Yasuhiro

Size: Pan-size Cel (Approx. 10.5" x 12.0")

Included: Layer 1 - Gundam Spiegel cel
                 Original/matching hand-painted background 
                 Concept sketch

Film/Show: Mobile Fighter G Gundam

Source/Appeared in: Episode 18 "Steal the Secret! Scheme of the Beautiful Warriors"

Original Broadcast Year: 1993

Studio/Publication: Sunrise

Created by:  Imagawa Yasuhiro

Condition Notes: -

Description:  An incredible full key master setup of Gundam Spiegel making a heroic appearance while holding Rain and Chibodee Gals in its hands, making it clear Shwarz was watching over Domon and just saved the ladies! 

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