Kyojin no Hoshi - Hoshi Hyuma facing Hanagata - Hanken Cel w/ Background

Kajiwara Ikki/Kawasaki Noboru

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Size: Large Hanken Cel (Approx. 14.0" x 17.5")

Included: Layer 1 - Hyuma cel
                 Layer 2 - Hanagata cel
                 Original Matching Hand-painted Background
                 Reference material from the Mandarake Auction
Film/Show: Kyojin no Hoshi

Source/Appeared in: -

Original Broadcast Year: 1968

Studio/Publication: Shonen Magazine

Created by: Kajiwara Ikki/Kawasaki Noboru

Condition Notes: Some cracks/tears on the top part, Hyuma cel has been cut-out, all layers stuck

Description:  An incredibly rare and awesome Hanken Cel from the iconic baseball manga of the Showa Era Japan!  Originally sold at the Mandarake Auction from over a decade ago, and reference material from that auction is included as well.  Amazing shot where Hanagata is holding two baseball bats for some reason, as if they are going to actually battle each other!

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