Gunbuster - Amano Kazumi screaming - 1-layer Production Cel w/ Douga & Printed Background

Anno Hideaki

Size: Standard Cel (Approx. 10.5" x 9.0" or 26.8 cm x 22.8 cm)

Included: Layer 1 - Kazumi cel
                 Douga (Hand-drawn Pencil Sketch)
                 Printed Acid-free Background made by TCG
Film/Show: Gunbuster

Source/Appeared in: Episode 4 "Launch!! The Incomplete Ultimate Weapon!"

Original Broadcast Year: 1988

Studio/Publication: Gainax

Created by: Anno Hideaki/Okada Toshio

Condition Notes: -

Description:  An incredible cel of Kazumi when she screams for Noriko to not risk her life in order to stop the Space Monster!  Also a very meaningful scene that showed how much she cared about Noriko despite seeming disappointed in her in earlier scenes.  The black background complements the cel perfectly and makes it appear almost identical to the original scene!

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