Johnny Bravo - Johnny macking on a B-Girl - 2-layer Production Cel w/ Printed Background

Van Partible

Size: 12-field Cel (Approx. 12.5" x 10.5" or 31.5 cm x 26.5cm)

Included: Layer 1 - Cel of B-Girl
                 Layer 2 - Cel fo Johnny 
 Matching Print Background
     Certificate of Authenticity

Film/Show: Johnny Bravo

Source/Appeared in: Episode 7c "Hip Hop Flop"

Original Broadcast Year: 1997

Studio/Publication: Cartoon Network

Created by: Van Partible

Condition Notes: Please refer to the pictures

Description:  A very rare and beautiful cel setup of Johnny Bravo from an episode that featured Heavy D, Chuck B, and Flavor Flav!  An iconic show which launched the careers of great cartoonists such as Seth MacFarlane and Butch Hartman, while legends like Bill Hanna and Joseph Barbera were involved in the production as well.  An amazing piece of cartoon history!

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