Angel's Egg - The Girl and the Boy at the site of the fossilized angelic bird - Movie-size Key Master Setup

Oshii Mamoru

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Size: Movie-size Cel (Approx. 13.5" x 9.0")

Included: Layer 1 - Boy cel
                 Layer 2 - Girl cel
                 Layer 3 - Background overlay cel
                 Original Matching Hand-painted Background
Film/Show: Angel's Egg

Source/Appeared in: -

Original Broadcast Year: 1985

Studio/Publication: Studio Deen

Created by: Oshii Mamoru

Condition Notes: Layer 1 and 2 stuck

Description:  A mind-blowingly rare and precious key master setup from the epitome of Avant-garde fantasy film created by an iconic anime director Oshii Mamoru, in collaboration with legendary artist and scenic/character designer Amano Yoshitaka!  

The film was made a few years before the famous Final Fantasy video game series was released, and the artistic style is definitely reminiscent of the early titles as the Boy looks almost identical to Frioniel, the main character from Final Fantasy II released in 1988.  The atmosphere and backgrounds inspired by a French book about architecture owned by Oshii are also very simlar to the Medieval European-theme of the early Final Fantasy games.  Oshii Mamoru was initially intending on making this film far more light-hearted with a comedic touch in the beginning stage of the production, where a young girl holding an egg suddenly arrives at a convenience store late at night, with strange people loitering around the area.  However, as soon as the young Oshii got a glance of the artwork by Amano Yoshitaka, he immediately knew that "this has to be done as a full-blown fantasy film." 

While the result was undoubtedly a masterpiece, it was far too esoteric to be accepted by the general public, subsequently leading to Oshii losing all job prospects for the foreseeable future due to earning a reputation of "a director who makes incomprehensible films," as even Miyazaki Hayao has commented about the film "I will recognize the effort, but nobody will understand it."  The recognition took even longer due to the lack of access until the relatively-recent DVD release, but it is safe to say this film is a proof that a masterpiece will sooner or later be properly recognized and appreciated, as long as it isn't hidden and forgotten!  Truly the pinnacle of Japanese animation as an art, and a product of the inspiring sacrifice and uncompromising dedication Oshii has put into executing this film in his own vision.

 ※While this cel is not for sale, we will gladly consider trade offers for the following specific items (please do not offer anything else not listed.  Also, we will pay a nice finder's fee for any tips that leads to an acquisition):

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