XXL 20" x 24" Timeless Archival 3D Anime Cel Frame Kit - Custom Opening Size

Timeless Cel Gallery

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Glass Display Area - 20" x 24"  
                      Frame Thickness - 1.25" 
                      Frame Width - 13/16"

Description:  Conservation-grade Archival Frame Kit designed specifically for animation cels, so that you can proudly display your prized collection without having to worry about maintenance or any long-term damage!   Simple and elegant appearance that perfectly showcases the cels as they were originally broadcasted and made with only premium materials, absolutely no metal frame or cheap plexiglass!   

※Please include in the order notes or email us with the desired opening size for the suede double matboard, and the custom kit will ship out 1-2 weeks after the order has been received.  


-99% UV-protective acrylic to display your cel with crystal clarity, while offering the best protection at the same time to prevent any fading of the artwork that may occur from exposure to light!  If you are interested in upgrading to higher end options such as Optium Acrylic or Museum Glass, please inquire for an estimate! 

-Wooden frame, which is far more ideal than metal as it does not hold or conduct the surrounding heat and helps maintain a stable temperature inside

-Antiaging Liner infused with patented Micro Chamber technology to absorb damaging air pollutants as well as humidity and harmful fumes released from the celluloid and paint

-Conservation-grade suede double matboard with white/black color combination that shows off your cel without overpowering

-Deep frame rabbit (the space between the glass and the backing, where the content is stored) that will fit up to 5 layers of cels including the background, so that you can recreate the scene without any limitations! 

-3 thick dividers & 2 thin dividers + backing (all conservative grade material) offers maximum adjustability of space between each layer as you please, allowing you to create an awesome 3D setup with incredible depth behind the glass

-Each layer that holds the cel are vented to release and prevent any accumulation of fumes that are known to cause vinegar scent 

-Please contact us for custom matboard colors and frame styles, which can be accommodated with additional cost and lead time

-Click here for a tutorial on how to frame your own cels using the Timeless Frame Kit!

※Please note that no cels are included with this item, cels shown in pictures are for reference only

Included: Wooden frame body
                 20" x 24" UV-glazed Acrylic
                 3 Thick Dividers
                 2 Thin Dividers
                 Wall-mountable antiaging backing board
                 Double suede matboard (Please contact us for desired opening size after placing the order)

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